Michael's Favorite Applications

Amazon In this advanced era of computers and Internet, software becomes an integral part of our life.

However, there is good software and bad software. Bad software could be malicious programs written by malignant people with a dark purpose, 'darker than dark and hotter than hot.' Man...maybe I should stop watching Aladdin which, by the way, has come out on DVD.

It is funny how those old motion pictures made it today and even packaged into DVDs for sale. Why are they able to be sold? Oh....it's because there are people who watch them. Wow, isn't that yet another peculiar nature of ours?
Sometimes we 'adopt the novel and discard the dated,' and yet sometimes we dwell on the past. Things have value because we give it to them. If nobody gave a damn about diamond, diamond would be absolutely worthless.
Back to this webpage. I'd like to post software applications that are useful to me and I think are useful to other people too. I am a technical person so you will find many programs I recommend to be technical related.

Since I am using Windows 7 all programs I recommend run on Windows 7 at least. Most of them also have versions that run on other popular platforms like Unix and Apple OS.

If you'd like me to post any software here simply let me know by email (wentaihao at yahoo dot com)!
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