Best Free Software Personal Firewall - Sygate Amazon There are several types of intrusion detection tools out there, a popular one of which is firewall.

A firewall can be either software-based or hardware-based, and PC users usually go with a software firewall and large companies go with a hardware firewall.

Several months ago my PC was acting strangely with ads popping up everywhere. A virus cleaner didn't cut it. Somehow I found this firewall software on and decided to try it out. It is so easy to use and since I've run Sygate my PC stopped giving me problems!
I am sure there are other great firewall programs but Sygate is definitely one of them. To download it, go to and perform a search with keyword 'Sygate'.
By the way there are several great free antivirus software tools. Here's one of them called AVG Antivirus Free Edition!
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