Programming in Delphi

Amazon Delphi is a visual programming language just like Visual Basic, and Delphi's syntax is very similar to Visual Basic. There are however marked distinctions between Delphi and Visual Basic.

For example Delphi's performance is significantly better than VB simply because Delphi generates compiled executable files whereas Visual Basic produces semi interpreted code. This means a Delphi program can run anywhere between ten and twenty times as fast as a counterpart program in VB!

You can find a lot more references and tutorials online.

I had to learn Delphi because I was assigned to maintain an application written in Delphi that interfaces with Thales' HSMs.

I didn't have any trouble learning Delphi at all as it is a straightforward high-level programming language.

Next let's look at the Delphi program I wrote to communicate with a hardware security module developed by Thales e-Security!
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