Michael's Family

Amazon Dad, mom, I, younger sister, younger brother. Pretty simple family isn't it?)
My Dad
My dad looks stern on the outside but is a warm person on the inside. He has an expansive network of close-knit friends and associates because he is known to be a great friend, a friend who goes out of his way to help people. He looks upbeat on the surface but deep down he may not feel like that..

One day when I got back from school at night, starved, I contemplated the food on the table, thinking how my dad has worked hard to provide for this family. Without him, we'd have no clothes to wear, no food to eat, and no place to live.

I wondered why I never thought that way in my childhood and never really bothered to thank him, but it's fine now. Now not a day passes without my thanking him for everything he's done for us. He is among the people I am most grateful to.
My Mom
My mom is a caring person. She is just like most other moms: warm, caring, and loving. She singlehandedly raised three children who are close in age. Isn't that amazing? It's such a HUGE feat that very, very few people (or moms in this case) are up to this Herculean task.

She used to tell me many stories of her raising us, and one of them is that she needed to clean the house while pregnant with my brother. This both saddens and moves me. If I were old enough I would've helped her!

Another story is that one day I got very sick at midnight and she walked me to a hospital. She put her hand over my face to prevent cold wind blowing on my face, and in return I sneezed on her hand.

If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been where I am now. She's also one of the people I am most grateful to. In fact, I think what she's done for us is at a more strenous and exhausting level than my dad.

I truly, truly thank her for everything she's done for us.
My little brother John
My brother is a nice person. He is a little bit of an introvert, and he shares many nice character traits with me, including frugality, honesty, integrity, taking good care of his studies, and good temper (yeah I could go on bragging indirectly about myself but who cares).

He will NEVER take advantage of other people unlike many others, and he has a good tolerance for people. His total honesty is truly admirable by today's standards.

As a member in my family, he is almost perfect. One of the things we don't like much about him is that he loves to play video games and watch anime so much that he often stays up late at night.

You may feel it's okay, but I am telling you it isn't. Staying up late inflicts more adverse health effects than smoking and drinking combined together. Anyway, he is a top Halo player and any challenge is welcome~
My younger sister Kathy
My sister, well, hm...one of the things that best characterize her is that she is very friendly to people. There are two sides to many of us, herself included, and I've seen them both.

One is very angelic: caring, loving, and agreeable. We all love that side. The other side....well, they say 'If it's not good, don't say it.' So I am just gonna zip up here and move on.

However all that has been changed after she started to study Bible with a Jehova's Witness. She got baptized and has been witnessing to other people whenever she has time.

Now she treats her family with the same respect and friendliness as her brothers and sisters at the congregation. Whenever she makes a mistake I'd use principles from Bible to ask her to improve, and she ALWAYS listens.

Isn't Bible the MOST amazing book in the world? I am studying Bible with a Jehova's Witness too. They are such great people!
We've had three dogs before, but they are all gone. Coincidentally we lost them all because they walked away, not passed away.

I especially miss our third dog, Badoo, who was very smart, naughty, and close to us. My dad went jogging one day and found her in this small carton on which a label read, 'I am housebroken. Please keep me.'

Since that day she became part of our family. She would follow us anywhere we went; I guess that's because she was once abandoned and feared it might happen again.

I am sure most people who have had a dog know that it is heartrending to lose him or her someday simply because age takes a deadly toll. I am sure that's also the reason why most people don't want to foster another dog after they lose the first one.
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