Websites Maintained by Michael

Amazon As you can see at I have built several professional websites on my own using the latest website development technologies.

In this section I'll be talking about websites I am maintaining for other people. It lists the websites I did not build but am maintaining and making necessary technical changes from time to time. Take a look!

The following gives you a screenshot and a summary of what each website does! To see websites I've developed please go to My Websites.

Prader Willi Syndrome AssociationPrader Willi Syndrome Association

Prader Willi Syndrome Association is a Taiwanese organization that endeavors to help patients with Prader Willi Syndrome live a better life.

Weifong BiotechWeifong Biotech

Tailwind is a biotech company that specializes in fish farming and breeding. I am maintaining the website.

San Francisco Taiwanese American FestivalSan Francisco Taiwanese American Festival

This is the website of an organization which runs the San Francisco Taiwanese American Festival every year.

I used to be an organizer and I've organized successful fundraisers for them. Now I volunteer to maintain their website.

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