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Amazon I am Michael. I put up this website because I have so much stuff to share with people. Whenever I see something good I can't wait to tell the world about it because I want everybody to know about it and to benefit from it.

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中英物語 - 學習中翻英
Men's Fashion for Less
Programming in C++
One Minute Info
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I believe my experiences and ideas allow me to offer advice on a variety of aspects of life. Who knows? It might help you figure out an answer to a question you have had for a long time or it might make your life better.

Designing and developing websites have always been a passion of mine. It's fun and gives me a sense of achievement to create websites that provide value. In random pages section below you can find screenshots of the website I've developed or maintained.

Here are details of each of the Websites Michael has Created and Developed!

Here are details of each of the Websites Michael is Maintaining!

More about me...

* I've written and published a book on practical computer programming

* I am currently sponsoring double digit kids through Children.org

* I taught myself a piano song - Comptine d'un autre ete L'apres - although I had never learned how to play the piano before

* After finally learning to play the piano I managed to play the song of my dream - Eyes on Me - within five months of instruction.

* I learned how to solve the Rubik's cube within 1 hour

* I picked up various crafts just for kicks, including glass fusing, jewelry making, wood carving, and Japanese embroidery

* I created these websites from scratch: ChToEn 中翻英, Mens Fashion for Less, Practical Programming in C++, One Minute Information

If there's anything extraordinary about me, it's this Big, Altruistic, life goals I have, which has become the driving force behind all my work and sweat.

Okay.. enough about me. What about you? Feel free to tell us about you here!
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