File Merger (Source Code Included)

File Merger in Visual Basic Amazon This program, written in Visual Basic, combines as many files as the user wants and associates the resulting file with a password chosen by the user.

The user can even choose to compress the file so it takes smaller space.

This File Combiner program is useful when several people share the same computer and they want privacy with their files because only people who know the password can unlock to get those files.

The files are lightly encrypted so that opening them in Notepad or some binary analyzer doesn't really help unless you are a great code breaker.

Although Microsoft Word has the password feature, it applies to only its documents; that's why I wrote this program. The interface is clean and user-friendly.

There isn't much to this program as I simply use my own protocol of merging multiple files into one file. I relied on some compression library to do the compression part.

Then I developed a light encryption algorithm to encrypt the resulting file with the password chosen by the user. The user will need to use that password to unlock it.

Here are some screen shots:

File Combiner in VB

File Merger in Visual Basic

Here's the entire source code. Use at your own risks.
Source Code for File Combiner Program in Visual Basic
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