Michael's Life

Amazon By and large, my life has been a smooth ride.

If you asked me about bad experiences I have, I can hardly find any. Well.. the lowest point in my life occurred in mid October, 2002 . It was such a terrible time that I will never forget it. At this point, if you had to guess, what would you say happened during that period of time? Anybody? If your answer has to do with romance or love, you are too far off.
Young people nowadays are mostly troubled by romance. In my humble opinion it is totally not worth it.
When you are young, you are so much more capable of things than when you get older, and you really should focus on things that matter. I am not gonna argue with you about whether romance matters in one's life because it totally depends on one's point of view.

In my opinion, romance can happen anytime, but youth is transient. If you spend your youth building up your abilities and character, you can start enjoying the rest of your life very soon.

So what did happen in mid October, 2002? I was in college taking five incredibly tough upper division courses, while taking care of my brother and sister at home. Some of my classes did not go as well as I hoped, and striving to be the best as I always am, I was under humongous pressure.

Also sometimes my sister would stage a strike against washing dishes (they are supposed to wash dishes while I am supposed to cook).

I knew it was just a tough time in my life, and it would soon end. However the pressure was so real that I could have a meltdown at any minute. Some of you share the same experience and know exactly what I am talking about.

In the end of the quarter, it turned out that I got straight As and all my worries proved to be unnecessary.

After college, I started to go through this mental metamorphosis, and by the time I finished my Master's I was a changed person. I became zen about everything in life. I am calm, unperturbed, and am just not bothered by anything anymore.

I always keep a positive attitude and no frustrations in life can bring me down. I know it sounds weird, but it's true. And I don't know what caused it.

That doesn't mean I have no emotions anymore. I still care about people, am still capable of loving someone, and I have not lost the purpose of my life. I have lifelong goals that I want to achieve, and you will see them in the next section - Michael's Goals.
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