Michael's Programming Experience

Amazon This section is about my programming experiences including philosophy of programming, areas of interest, research projects I've worked on, and other more practical projects and software applications I've developed.

I started programming and writing computer software when I was in high school. Granted many people began programming at a much younger age. In my case as soon as I was introduced to the world of programming I got hooked!

In high school I learned C++. In college I got into Computer Science major at UC Santa Barbara and that's when I began to code heavily and enjoyably.

Aside from school homework assignments and projects I'd write my own programs just for kicks. My programs include 3D board game Reversi, a program that allows one PC to control another PC, voice driven calculator, random maze generator, and much more.

Later I got into men's fashion thanks to my dear friend Gloria Lee, and built a website in 2010 - Men's Fashion for Less - that teaches men how to dress fashionably under a budget.

Then I built a blog One Minute Information that contains solutions to problems I've had but did not manage to solve by looking up Google. Later I figured out the solutions by myself and I'd like to share them with others who may have run into similar problems.

Then I began working on a new website Chinese to English because I am fluent in both languages and I feel many Chinese terms cannot be easily translated into English terms. So I'd like to shed some light on it.

Hope you enjoy my work and share my passion for programming!
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