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Amazon As you can see at michael.chtoen.com I have built several professional websites on my own using the latest website development technologies.

In this section we'll look at each website in bigger detail including why I developed the website, when I developed the website, what the website does, what technologies are used by the website, how long the development took, and even how much money the website makes!

The following gives you a screenshot and a summary of what each website does! To see websites I've been maintaining please go to My Websites 2.

Sunspring Resort Hotel Sunspring Resort

This is a resort hotel my family is running. It is based in Jiaoxi (Chiaohsi), Yilan, Taiwan, and is located right where the hot spring is.

It boasts the largest pool of Doctor Fish in Taiwan. Doctor fish, aka Garra Rufa, are fish that nibble on your feet to feed on dead skin to make your skin smooth!

Chinese to English Classroom Chinese to English Classroom

I founded Chinese to English Classroom in year 2013 by myself. In year 2006 I had the vision of creating this website to help Chinese speakers translate some of the most difficult-to-translate Chinese terms into English. I finally did!

Some terms and idioms in Chinese are common and known by even the little kids, but they are extremely hard to translate to English.

中文跟英語是世上最多人講的兩種語言, 然而有些中文卻極度難用英語表達, 像委屈, 默契, 難得, 甚麼主義者, 走在甚麼的尖端等.

Mens Fashion For Less Men's Fashion Website

I created this website from start to finish. You can see popular men's clothes from name brands like American Eagle Outfitters, H&M, Zara, Express, G By Guess, Club Monaco, and more brands!

Want to see fashionable T-shirts by color or style? No problem. On Men's Fashion for Less you can search for Men's Blue T-shirts, Men's V-neck T-shirts, anything you want. The skyp is the limit because the website is backed by a custom search engine!

Here's the story behind this website: I used to not care about how I dressed at all, but one day my friend Gloria inspired me and made me think every guy could dress well without going overboard!

In short this is a website I created to help men dress better within a budget! I've taken lots of time to shoot photos and make them pretty and create this entire website with advanced website technologies. Special thanks to Gloria Lee who is the sole person who inspired me to do all this. I am forever indebted to her.

Guess who is the model in all the photos!?

Practical Programming in C++ Practical Programming in C++

I am the author of the published book titled Finite Programming in C++. Its ISBN-10 is 0595351891 and ISBN-13 is 978-0595351893.

This book was written to help C++ programmers program efficiently and therefore in finite amount of time.

The book trains readers by walking them through a set of well designed programming exercises such as Write a program to generate a random maze and develop a program to solve the draught puzzle!

On this website you can find the contents of the book with up-to-date information in the software field.

You can read more about this book on C++ practical programming at Practical Programming Guide in C++!

One Minute Info Homepage One Minute Information

This website is essentially a blog I created filled with information from day-to-day chores like how to scrub paint off the floor to technical issues like how to install and configure Hibernate persistence framework.

Popular articles include Creating an Easy Origami Swan, Introduction on Japanese Embroidery - Bunka Shishu, Solving the Rubik's Cube, Solving Eclipse IDE related Issues!

I created this blog because there are times when I cannot find the solution to my problem or the answer to my question on Google. Later I figured out the answer myself and thought I'd share it with others.

Who knows? You just might bump into something you've long been seeking an answer for!

Jeantour Travel Agency Jeantour Travel Agency

Jeantour is a B to B travel agency I am consulting for. Most of their customers are businesses and corporations.

If needed or requested by the client Jeantour can dispatch a dedicated travel agent to the client's office onsite to provide the best and fastest services possible.

They are based in Taiwan and that's why Jeantour's website is written in Chinese.

Michael Wen Michael's Personal Webpage

This is the website you are looking at right now. I put my personal information like personal educational background and information about each of my family members.

I talk about my extensive programming experiences (e.g. distributed computing, artificial intelligence) and software projects (e.g. eye detection software, PC remote) I've worked on.

I also talk about fun hobbies like how I learned to play the piano and played Eyes On Me on the piano, my favorite Windows software, jewelry making, and glass fusing to share with the rest of the world!

Kuan Liang International Enterprise Kuan Liang International Enterprise

Kuan Liang International Enterprise is a Taiwanese company that specializes in producing quality indexable end mills and face milling cutters.

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