Michael's Software Portfolio

Amazon Programming has always been a passion of mine. It gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment to see something I built that benefits others' lives!

Well maybe I haven't achieved anything to that extent yet, but I sure as hell am developing something for the good of others. One example is the men's fashion website I've been working on since year 2010 - Men's Fashion For Less.

Another example is a blog that covers topics all the way from general mundane stuff to technical subjects - One Minute Information. I have personally received compliments from visitors who thank me for solving their problems!

When I was in school studying computer science I was building many software applications just for kicks. The Octogram Puzzle Solver, the 3D Board Game Reversi with Computer Player and Artificial Intelligence, the Random Maze Generator, the PC Remote are all cases in point.

They represent the proudest work I've done. In the menu you can find a list of representative projects and software applications I have developed.

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