Michael's Flute Solos

The above is 'Somewhere Out There' I played years ago!
Flute Amazon As you see in my bio I love to play the flute. I have learned to play the flute when I was eight and I learned it for over four years.

My favorite flutist is James Galway, who is a legendary in the flute field. My favorite songs include Pachelbel canon, Somewhere Out There, Can you feel love tonight, Memory, and many others of which I don't know the names.

One day I listened to a CD of flute songs played by James Galway and I was STUNNED by the incredible beauty of his flute performance. That's the first time I truly appreciated how beautiful flute is!

It's then I began to play along the CD and became diligent in practicing playing the flute and in improving the quality of my sound so I could play as beautifully as James Galway!

In the menu you can see a list of flute solo songs I've played, usually alongside the CD because played alone flute can sound monotonous.
Somewhere Out There is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard and is one of my favorite pieces. The tempo is not too fast nor is it too slow. The notes are not too high or too low. In the beginning it sets the stage for the lighthearted, perky mood, or Allegro, which is my way to play the song.
In the middle of the song you begin to hear the effects of allegro but it's not as fast as you might imagine. In fact despite the years I've learned to play the flute I've had a hard time playing songs with fast tempo. So if I can play it so can anyone else!

Towards the end of the solo the tempo slows down and marks the conclusion of this beautiful composition!

Listening to 'Somewhere Out There' always cheers me up. I'm sure it'll cheer you up too!

Hope you enjoy them all!
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