ClipX - A Windows Program to Multiple Copy and Paste Anything in the History! Amazon In a nutshell ClipX is a clipboard manager tool that allows you to capture texts, images, files copied to the Windows Clipboard so you can paste any previously copied text, image, or file!

In other words ClipX is a Windows program to perform multiple copy operation, and then you can paste anything you've copied in the history, up to 1024 copied items!

To use ClipX simply copy anything you want the normal way. To select an item you've copied press Control + Shift + V and you'll see a list of all the previously copied entries!
ClipX is one of my FAVORITE programs because it is TRULY useful and I use it every single day!
There is a set of settings you can configure to your preferences, including how many previous items to remember, whether to save history across sessions, whether to ignore text, bitmap, file clipboard entries, etc.
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