Eyes On Me by Michael

The piano song above is my favorite song - Eyes On Me.
Piano Amazon If you read my piano home page you'd know that I learned to play the flute when I was little, not the piano. One day it happened that I was listening to some CD my brother's friend has made him and I heard this beautiful song - Eyes On Me. It is originally sung by Faye Wong and is the theme song of the famous RPG game Final Fantasy VIII.

What you just heard is not played by me. It is the 'correct' version of this song played on the piano by someone. It is 100% PERFECT. Impeccable. It inspired me to learn to play this piece on my own and I did it! I learned this song for one month (November, 2012 - December, 2012). During this period of time I set my heart on learning this piece and I played the song whenever I could. During each weeknend I must've played over ten hours!

I performed playing Eyes On Me on the piano at my company's annual party in 2013. Here's a photo:

Michael Playing the Piano
BIG THANKS to Jubilee Lee who is my piano instructor and has been extremely patient with me throughout our learning sessions. I cannot thank you enough. I am forever indebted to you!
Granted I am not anywhere near mastering this piano piece but it can only get better right?

For those of you who have never heard of Final Fantasy 8 here's a screen shot of this game:

Final Fantasy VIII 8 Collage

Here's a Youtube video of Faye Wong singing the song Eyes on Me if you have never heard this piece:

[This is what I wrote in year 2007]

It's just flat out beautiful. In fact I cannot find a word to describe how great it is. I immediately started to learn it on the piano. Days passed. Weeks passed. No matter how hard I tried to memorize every note I could not get past the first thirty seconds of the song. It looks like this song is beyond rote memorization; it requires true skills.

So will I give up? Of course not. Very soon I'll be learning to play the piano and one day I'll be able to play Eyes On Me on the piano.


Below is my rendition of Eyes on Me on the piano. Please do NOT hurt my feelings by comparing my version to the correct version above. I already know mine cannot hold a candle to theirs but I am still a newcomer in the piano field!
In addition here are the music sheets in case you'd like to learn to play Eyes On Me on the piano as well!

Eyes On Me Piano Sheet Music Score 1 Eyes On Me Piano Sheet Music Score 2 Eyes On Me Piano Sheet Music Score 3
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