by Michael

Jeantour Travel Agency Homepage Amazon I have helped Jeantour Travel Agency develop their website from scratch. They are a Taiwanese company. They are a B-to-B, or business-to-business travel agency. Most of their customers are businesses and corporations.

If needed or requested by the client, Jeantour can dispatch a dedicated travel agent to the client's office onsite to provide the best and fastest service possible.

The website is built using the following technologies:

  • PHP: PHP is the backbone of the website. THe PHP engine generates all the dynamic content of the website.
  • jQuery: The Javascript library jQuery is one of the most popular libraries. It has a rich set of plugins that do all kinds of visual effects which were only possible with Flash before.

    For example I used jQuery to create the nice banner photo gallery at
  • MySQL: Being one of the most popular SQL engines, MySQL is naturally my choice of database.
  • Apache: I use Apache as the web server and file server for Jeantour Travel Agent.
  • SVN: I use SVN to do source control for all the files posted on Jeantour Travel.
  • Facebook Plugins: As you can see I use FB Like plugin, FB Share plugin, and FB comment plugin on Jeantour Travel.
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