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Michael Wen Amazon I developed Michael's Official Homepage a long time ago. Just recently I updated my homepage so that it looks nice on all kinds of mobile devices and computers using the Bootstrap framework (scroll down to see a photo of the old site).

My personal homepage used to have a Christmas-like background with snow and Santa Claus in a white backdrop. They were all written in static HTML. Whenever I needed to update the website globally I needed to update every single webpage. Very inflexible.

Later I decided to make my offical website more Web 3.0. Thus a new Michael's Official Homepage is born.

I put my personal information like personal educational background and information about each of my family members.

I talk about my extensive programming experiences (e.g. distributed computing, artificial intelligence) and software projects (e.g. eye detection software, PC remote) I've worked on.

Also I talk about fun hobbies like how I learned to play the piano and played Eyes On Me on the piano, my favorite Windows software, jewelry making, and glass fusing to share with the rest of the world!

The website is built using the following technologies:

  • PHP: PHP is the backbone of the website. THe PHP engine generates all the dynamic content of Michael's Official Homepage.
  • Bootstrap: The Bootstrap framework is a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile friendly websites.
  • jQuery: The Javascript library jQuery is one of the most popular libraries. It has a super rich plugins that do all kinds of visual effects which were only possible with Flash before.

    I use jQuery to dynamically inject CSS or HTML tags. I also use jQuery to slowly scroll up to the top when a button is clicked, and to slowly scroll down to Facebook comment section when another button is clicked.

    I also use jQuery to load Facebook API asynchronously.
  • SVN: I use SVN to do source control for all the files posted on Michael's Official Homepage.
  • Facebook Plugins: As you can see I use FB Like plugin, FB Share plugin, and FB comment plugin on Michael's Official Homepage.
As promised here is a screenshot of my old homepage. It doesn't look too bad, but its content is too small to read on mobile devices.

Michael Wen

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