Michael's Interest in Artificial Intelligence

Amazon Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a very common term and it generally refers to fusing intelligence in a computer so that it can make decisions based on some observation or input. The reason we want computers to be able to do that is because human is not getting cheaper or faster or more reliable.
Harsh but true: If we can make computers to perform repetitive tasks that human workers do, then we can get rid of those costly workers and replace them with cheap, reliable, fast computers.
Does that mean more and more jobs will disappear and more and more people will be scavenging through the street? Possibly.

Anyway, that's the goal. Isn't the growth of machine intelligence fascinating? People are theorizing as to whether it is possible that one day computer will be so smart that it will take over the world like the movies 'Matrix' and 'I, Robot'. Most people think it's impossible cuz computer merely follows instructions people give it. However I beg to differ. I believe one day technology will reach a level where every single cell (and interaction thereof) in human body can be simulated by a computer. We'll see.

I am so fascinated by AI that I wrote many interesting programs outside of class, most of which are puzzle solvers and games. Two of the board games I wrote, SlimeWar and Reversi, beat the hell out of human players :)

I have been exposed to many topics, including Bayesian network, Neural network, Petri net, various search algorithms, and so on.
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