3D Reversi Board Game (Source Code Included)

Reversi Board Game Amazon My next board game is Reversi, and it is highly improved in terms of game appearance:

* The board and pieces are three dimensional and you can rotate the board however you want.
* There are short animations in making a move.
* You can resize the window and the entire scene resizes properly.
* There are several available shapes you can choose for your pieces.

The appearance overall is much better. There are 9 AI levels, and I hardly believe anybody can beat the computer player at a level higher than 6.

Game rules are straightforward.
Each player takes turns placing their piece and at the end of each move all opponent's pieces sandwiched by mover's pieces in any orientation (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) become mover's pieces.
At the end of the game the player with more pieces wins.

Again it's easy to implement the game logic. The 3D frills add to the excitement of the game and heightens my sense of achievement.

The computer player logic is again based on the machine learning algorithm Alpha Beta Pruning which is EXTREMELY effective and powerful in board games where the single factor of winning and losing is the number of pieces!

Here are some screen shots:

Reversi Board Game 3D Reversi Board Game

Here's the Windows executable so you can play this game on your Windows PC.
Windows Executable for Reversi Game with OpenGL

Here's the entire source code. Use at your own risks.
Source Code for Reversi Game with OpenGL
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