Directory comparer program (source code included)

Directory Comparer in Visual Basic Amazon This program allows you to compare two folders recursively on Windows to see the exact differences between the files in these two folders.

Each file is identified by its relative path. Let's say one directory is C:\a and the other directory is C:\b. Let's say C:\a contains a.txt and aa.txt. Let's say C:\b contains a.txt and bb.txt.

My program will compare C:\a\a.txt and C:\b\a.txt and report their difference in size and in content (byte by byte comparison)

The directory comparer will also realize that C:\a contains aa.txt which file C:\b does NOT contain. The folder comparer will also realize C:\b contains bb.txt which C:\a does NOT contain.

This program is most useful in situations where you have two very similar folders. Perhaps two different revisions of the same set of files. You'd like to check in the newer revision what files have been changed from the older revision.

As usual, here's a screenshot of the folder comparer application:

Directory Comparer in Visual Basic

Here's the entire source code. Use at your own risks.
Source Code for Directory comparer program in Visual Basic
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