FTP Server and Client (Source Code Included)

FTP Server in Visual Basic Amazon Sometimes I want to send big files somewhere and have no clue how to go about it. Email attachment cannot handle such big files, so what do I do?

I wrote a program in Visual Basic to do it for me. Yea I know such programs are readily available even for free but I just want to challenge myself!

My FTP implementation uses my own protocol, which is different from the standard FTP protocol. This may not be a good thing but again it's just for kicks so why not?

Simply run the server on an Internet-ready computer, then go to another Internet-ready computer and run the client.

The server keeps an access control list, so a client needs to log in with correct user name and password in order to use it. Also each user is associated with certain rights.

Some user can upload, for example, while some user can only download. A client with all rights can download and upload a file, a directory, and files optionally associated with a specified pattern. Very easy to use :-)

Here are a couple of screen shots:

FTP Server in Visual Basic

FTP Client in Visual Basic

Here's the entire source code. Use at your own risks.
Source Code for FTP program in Visual Basic
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