PC Alarm Program (Source Code Included)

PC Alarm in Visual Basic Amazon This program is, as its name suggests, a PC alarm written in Visual Basic.

Much too often I'd like the computer to ring at a specific date and time to remind me of something.

For example, when I bid on Ebay I always bid at the last minute. Well I can either sit at the PC and keep on refreshing the page every other second.

Or I can have some idea about how long I should wait and go do something else and hope I will come back in time to make my bid.
Oh, or I can use an alarm clock :)
Anyway just for fun I wrote this program one day.

This program is loaded with features such as you can set as many times you want your PC to go off and activate or deactivate the alarm anytime you want.

The user interface is extremely simple and user friendly. This software application sounds like a cinch but getting it work bug-free is actually a thorny task. But I did it!

As usual, here's a screen shot of the PC alarm application:

PC Alarm in Visual Basic

Here's the entire source code. Use at your own risks.
Source Code for PC Alarm program in Visual Basic
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