How Stuff Works dot com screen shot Amazon I remember I began to use How Stuff Works in 2005. I was amazed at this website for providing such rich information on a wide variety of subjects!

Its founder, Marshall Brain, truly has a big brain who I remember once claimed he acquired such wealth of knowledge all by osmosis. I love the word 'osmosis'.

This wonderful website is certainly one of the very BEST websites I have ever visited my whole life. You get to learn how things work without having to go to a library or buying a book! It's right in front of your eyes!!

I learned how a fridge works, how diamond works, how human immune system works, how a toilet works. I mean, hey, you are getting this insanely useful information without having to pay a dime.

I don't think I've ever seen a greater deal. Well, with all said I bet not many of you will become a regular patron of that site simply because you are too busy or not interested.

It's amazing how knowledge can change one's life, yet hardly few are willing to put forth the effort to obtain it even when it is just a few clicks away.

Hm...maybe it's human nature to be lazy, right? Speaking of human nature it is curious how people work, something this website doesn't have an article on...yet. Pay attention to those around you and you are bound to know more about yourself.
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