Unit Conversion Tools

Here you can find a list of unit conversion tools for those who forget units they are working with.

Instruction: Simply enter a number in a text field and press Enter for the other text field(s) to populate the result of the conversion.

I also include several programming utilities that are useful to software engineers such as DMYHMS.

If you need something that is not here, please let me know and I will add it to this webpage!

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This tool converts a given hex number to ASCII text. It's a hex to ASCII converter.
Enter your hex string in the following text area field and press Convert.

Press Enter key when done entering a value in any field.
'Epoch seconds' is the number of seconds elapsed since midnight UTC (also known as GMT) of January 1, 1970. The following are all based on UTC. DMYHMS simply stands for Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minute, Second. For example 1342367976 seconds have elapsed since 1970/1/1 00:00:00 to reach 2012/7/15 15:59:36.

Year Month Day
Hour Minute Second
Epoch Seconds
Epoch Milliseconds

Any more unit conversion you desperately need but cannot find? Simply let me know and I'll make it for you!
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