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Amazon I've loved programming since I wrote my first program at a tender age. In school we were taught basic programming languages including Java, C, C++. Outside of classes I explored more programming languages and fell in love with Visual Basic in particular because I can use it to develop so many interesting Windows applications easily.

One of my proudest Windows applications is Remote PC, an application that allows you to control a physically remote PC via Client and Server architecture, much the same way as many commercial applications like GoToMyPC.

As I got older I got into developing websites and began to explore server-side programming languages including PHP and Java. PHP is my favorite as it allows you to develop a dynamic website quickly.

I began to pick up PHP related tools such as the Yii Framework. I also picked up open source search engines including Apache's Lucene Solr and Sphinx.

In year 2010 I created a website called Men's Fashion For Less that was built on top of Google's Blogger framework. I'd use Blogger API to update the fashion blog. Whenever I post new photos and content I'd run some command to push out the new content to the blog.

Some time later I realized I needed to customize many things for the website. I needed flexibility. Therefore I left Blogger and used PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework, Sphinx search engine, jQuery, Nginx to develop a fully customized website by myself. A new Men's Fashion For Less was born!
In a previous job I specialize in SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. I've learned all kinds of skills to search-engine optimize any website and skills to perform SEO related analysis.
Currently I have a regular job. The little time I have while I am not working is used to develop websites using my website building skills and SEO expertise. I'll keep building websites that are useful to the rest of the world!

Please browse the topics under 'Programming' in the menu to see some of the works I've done in various programming languages including the following languages:

Programming in PHP
Programming in Java
Programming in Visual Basic
Programming in C
Programming with OpenGL
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