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Amazon During my M.S. I conducted several small to medium-sized research projects either alone or on a team. Most of them are projects assigned in classes but attention to detail and a passion for exploration being my second nature, I almost always extend them and make them work better. A research project is different from a regular programming project in several aspects:

1. A research project doesn't tell you exactly how to do something. It only tells you the goal. It is you or your team who should figure out how to approach it.

2. A research project should be driven toward solving a problem that hasn't been solved completely. It shouldn't be solving problems that have already been thoroughly explored and concretely solved. The following projects, as you can see, include uncertainty elements that are left with me or my team to solve. Most of the time, if not all of the time, the problem is not completely solved and our solution leaves a HUGE room for improvement. Therefore they are considered 'Research Projects' instead of 'Programming Projects' as those listed in My Works.

Below is a list of research projects I have conducted in my graduate school. Take a look!

Eye Detection Program in Matlab
GoogleDoc: A Document Search Engine
Is WS-Security Framework Secure?
GTM and LTM for Berkeley DB
Solving Distributed Dictionary Problem
Network Intrusion Detection LibAnomaly
Spatial & Temporal Queries on a Planar Graph

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