Stanford CS193P Lecture Slides

Amazon If you are learning iOS programming by going through the professor's lecture slides for CS193P Fall 2013-14 at Stanford you may have trouble finding them on the web. They are so hard to find.

The first slide looks like the following:

Lecture Slides for Stanford CS193P Fall 2013-14

I took the liberty of downloading all the PDF lecture slides for Stanford CS193P Fall 2013-14 at, combining them into two PDF files, minimizing their file sizes.

Here are the links to download Slides for Lectures 1-5 for Stanford CS193P Fall 2013-14 and Slides for Lectures 6-18 for Stanford CS193P Fall 2013-14.

If you use a Mac you can convert them to Keynote file and open and edit it fast with the Keynote software application. Follow the Tutorial on Converting Multiple PDF Files To One PowerPoint File for Free step Download and install PDF Converter Free.

You can convert the PDF into a PowerPoint file and use Microsoft PowerPoint to open and edit it, but the file size is big and it is slow.

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