Michael Made a Call-out from ICRT

Above is part of the recording of the phone call an ICRT DJ named Joseph Lin made to my sister Kathy.
Amazon On 2012/11/13 I sent an email to ICRT (International Community Radio Taipei) radio station asking them to do a call-out on 2012/11/21 to my sister Kathy for all the things she has done for me.

My sister became a Christian in 2004. She tried to preach to me about the Bible and God's kingdom but I did not listen. I was focused on my academic work and did not want to be distracted.

Three years ago Kathy preached to me again. This time I listened. I had a lot of questions, and she would always use the Bible to answer my questions. I began to absorb the knowledge from the Bible, and eventually I started to believe in the Bible's truths.

很多人想通知 ICRT 打電話給他們的認識的特別的人,但不知道如何做,讓我來跟你們分享如何跟 ICRT 提出請求,希望 ICRT 在特定時間 Call-out 給特別的人。

ICRT call-out 的時間在每天的晚上 7:15。
如何讓 ICRT 做 Call-out? How Do You Request ICRT to Do a Call-out?
請 ICRT 做 Call-out 很簡單,只要把需要的資料寄給以下的 email 就可以了。 Simply send an email to the following email address:

jam at icrt.com.tw

需要的資料如下: With the following information:
你想讓 ICRT call-out 的日期 Date you wish ICRT makes the call-out
你的名字 Your name
你的電子郵件 Your email
你的電話 Your phone number
你想打給的人的名字 Your call-out person's name
你想打給的人的電子郵件 Your call-out person's email
你想打給的人的電話 Your call-out person's phone number
你想對他說的話 Your message for your call-out person
關於如何讓 ICRT 打電話給你特別的認識的人有問題歡迎問我! Any questions on how to make ICRT do a call-out let me know!
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