Key Management Program

Key Management Unit in Java Amazon One of the useful programs I developed is a program that interfaces with Thales's HSM model called nCipher. Thales is a commercial company whose main product line is physical security hardware modules that are used mostly by financial institutions and banks.

nCipher is one of the high end security products built and marketed by Thales.

Thales' team actually provides a home-made GUI called KeySafe, but it has several weaknesses. So our team decided to work on a better interface, and I was the sole one responsible for it. I call it 'KMSafe' (KM is short for key management).

I used JBuilder IDE to build this application. Working on this application entails deep knowledge of Java's JCE package. Also to make a certificate for PKI, I needed to find some third-party provider. It's called IAIK and its certificate building package is great despite the number of hoops I had to jump through.

The entire application took a long time to build but I really enjoyed working on this key management program!

Here is another screenshot:

Key Management Unit in Java
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