Michael's Interest in Computer Vision

Amazon Computer Vision concerns the area where we want to make computer see. A example is that the computer in a car can drive the car without any human intervention, and is able to reach the destination safely. If you take a look around, you see many objects and recognize all of them by their names, properties, uses, etc.
Making computer do the same thing is incredibly difficult.
All computer sees is a bunch of numbers that describe the color of the scene (through a camera or some visual device) and making sense of them at the level of human understanding is next to impossible. You take a photo and get a billion pixels, each of which represents a color. That's all you know.

A computer can follow concrete, precise instructions, not instruction like 'Gimme a random number' or 'Tell me what you think about this person.' Therefore computer would understand a list of instructions that say 'If you have a red pixel next to a black pixel it means you have a red-black pattern'. Computer scientists create and improve algorithms to make computers recognize things they want them to recognize.

A case in point is facial detection in a photo. This technology is rampant in today's cyber world. Facebook is one of the biggest consumers of this technology where a Facebook user can easily tag people by browsing the uploaded photo where Facebook already labels the faces in the photo for the FB user.

I took a graduate course that taught me a lot about computer vision. I also single-handedly developed a Program in Matlab that finds the eyes of a person in an image with high accuracy.

Take a look!
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