Danny Boy by Michael

Michael plays the above song, Danny Boy, on the flute with NO musical accompaniment!
Flute Amazon Although I learned Danny Boy a long time ago, the recording you just heard was recorded in September, 2014. I usually play the flute alongside the CD, but that night I felt like playing the flute without any musical accompaniment. So here you go.

According to Wiki, 'Danny Boy' is a ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly and usually set to the Irish tune of the 'Londonderry Air'. It is most closely associated with Irish communities.

Danny Boy is one of the songs I played when I just started to learn the flute. It is slow, simple, and you can put a lot of emotion into it.

But don't get me wrong. Being simple does not mean it is easy to play Danny Boy beautifully on the flute. In fact, even if you are a seasoned flutist, you may have difficulty rendering Danny Boy as beautifully as your heart desires.

Hope you like my rendition of Danny Boy!
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